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EWA​, the professional organization dedicated to ​strengthening the community of education ​writers and improving the ​quality of education coverage ​to better inform the public, hosts ​a weekly podcast featuring lively interviews with journalists.

Sep 29, 2008

Sherrie Gahn, principal of Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas, discussed the extreme measure she and teachers take to compensate for their students' troubled backgrounds and to help them learn.

Her school was recently featured in a story in the Las Vegas Sun.

She was the first speaker of the highlight session of "Teaching to a New Nation," EWA's regional seminar on teacher quality held Sept. 19-20 at Chicago Public Radio.

NPR's Claudio Sanchez moderated the panel which also included Patricia Gandara, co-director of the Civil Rights Project at UCLA, and professor and author Gloria Ladson-Billings of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.