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EWA​, the professional organization dedicated to ​strengthening the community of education ​writers and improving the ​quality of education coverage ​to better inform the public, hosts ​a weekly podcast featuring lively interviews with journalists.

Mar 15, 2011


Every school year, districts around the country spend big on professional development. What do they get for their money? What should they be doing differently? And how can journalists write about these questions more effectively? Moderator Stephen Sawchuk of Education Week is joined by:

  • Karen Hawley Miles, Education...

Mar 8, 2011

Vickie Bernstein, Executive Director of Teacher Recruitment and Quality, NYC Dept. of Education

Spencer Kympton, Vice President of Recruiting, Teach for America

Dan Goldhaber, Director, Center for Education Data and Research


Mar 4, 2011

This is the first in a series of podcasts on teacher quality, drawn from EWA's Feb. 18, 2011 conference at the Carnegie Corporation. 

What makes a good teacher? How do schools of education know which skills tomorrow's educators will need? Our panel, moderated by EWA Public Editor Linda Perlstein, tries to get to the...