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EWA​, the professional organization dedicated to ​strengthening the community of education ​writers and improving the ​quality of education coverage ​to better inform the public, hosts ​a weekly podcast featuring lively interviews with journalists.

Nov 22, 2022

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful to colleagues in the education community – past and present –for supporting me. I’m especially grateful to editors who talked me through half-coherent ideas and shaped them into something meaningful, who acted as sounding boards, and were my advocates.

Daarel Burnette and Andrew Ujifusa are both longtime education reporters. They’re two of the most accomplished journalists I know and two of the nicest. They also recently transitioned to being editors. Daarel is senior editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education, and Andrew is Chalkbeat’s story editor. I’m thrilled to welcome them to EWA Radio.

In this week’s episode, we chat about how they try to be different from some of their previous editors, why school boards are “the most intimate form of democracy” and why they stay in education journalism. They also explain why they’re hopeful about the future.