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Feb 7, 2023

The federal government is pushing school districts to spend 20% of the $122 billion in relief funds to “catch children up” academically. Many are turning to tutoring as a way to help students after months of disruption from the pandemic.

Research shows “high-dosage” tutoring is particularly promising: Students and their tutor meet every day, usually in school. The tutors are specially trained, and there is a set curriculum. All these things can create logistical challenges.

Jill Barshay, a senior writer for The Hechinger Report and the author of its Proof Points column, has been looking at tutoring research. She found about half of all school districts are using tutoring programs, but not all follow best practices

On this EWA Radio episode, Jill explains her work, why students don’t log in for online help, who some of these online tutors are and how she looks for “good news” stories in education research.