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EWA​, the professional organization dedicated to ​strengthening the community of education ​writers and improving the ​quality of education coverage ​to better inform the public, hosts ​a weekly podcast featuring lively interviews with journalists.

May 15, 2009

Many U.S. universities are second to none, but the U.S. ranks 10th among other countries in the share of the population 25 to 34 year-olds with a college degree. Many students who start college fail to finish. As competition increases from other countries for share of top graduates and for future innovation, business and political leaders want greater productivity from higher education. What are our international rivals doing that we're not? Jamie Merisotis, president of Lumina Foundation for Education and MaryEllen McGuire, education program director of New America Foundation, discuss a new approach for improving quality, transfer rates and completion- the Bologna reforms affecting more than 16 million students in 46 countries.